Monday, October 1, 2007

The "Greatest" Sin...

Have you ever wondered what the greatest sin a person can commit might be? We all have
probably had this thought one time or another. Is it drunkenness, a sexual sin, or maybe
murder? Some of God's greatest men in the Bible were guilty of these, yet still found forgive-
ness, though they still had to suffer the consequences of their actions. In the following mess-
age you will learn what God considers to be the greatest sin we can commit. It is a sin that will
keep one from going to heaven, it is a sin that will cause one to suffer God's indignation and
wrath. Let's find out more...

(From the book: LIGHT ON THE WAY, by J. Wilbur Chapman D.D. circa 1915,)

What is the greatest sin in the world? It is not intemperance; it is not lust; it is not
dishonesty; it is not a thousand other things which may be mentioned. It is unbelief.

I know it, because He said Himself that the Spirit was to come to "reprove the world of
sin, and of righteousness, and of judgement," and then He said, "Of sin, because they
believe not on me." (John 16: 8 - 9). Unbelief makes God a liar. He has stated certain
great truths in the Bible regarding the past, present, and future life of the individual.
He has told us about sin, and its remedy; about His Son, and His love. Faith is giving
assent to all He has stated. Unbelief is the rejection of His statements, and counting
them either as if they were not worthy of credence, or not of sufficient importance to
occupy our time or thought.

Unbelief is a blow at God's Word. Here great principles are stated, marvellous promises
made, precious truths offered for the testing. Unbelief is indifference, a sneer, a contept-
uous treatment of God's message. In other words, unbelief is rejection. But the Bible is
the standard of judgement, and the Book we reject, whatever may be the spirit of our re-
jection, will one day rise to judge us.

Unbelief is an arraignment of Jesus Christ, and an announcement, either by word, or
act, or thought, that the story of the prophets, the account of the journey of the wise men
to the star-marked cradle, of His incomparable youth, as well as the story of His great life
and the record of His death and resurrction, are not true, or, at least, are not worth our
thought. Unbelief is something more: it is declining to believe in the object of His life and
the reason of His death - refusing to believe in the Lord Himself. When the day of judge-
ment dawns, the question of questions will be, not "Were you drunken, or impure?" but,
"What did you do with Jesus?" And your answer to this question will determine your
position before God there as your relation to Him in this life determined it here.


That was one, short, but sobbering message. God tells us in the Bible that those who reject Him
will be "without excuse." The parable of the man who went to a marriage celebration in an un-
prepared fashion (without the customary wedding garment), was "speachless" when confronted
by the groom. This is only one of many references to people that wait too late to respond
to God's invitation to come to Him for salvation. I love the two scriptures: John 10:9 and
Revelation 22:17. If you want to know the heart of God, read these two verses in a King James version of the Bible.

(Regardless of what you've heard about Jesus, these verses will touch your heart and clear up any misconceptions you may have about the true nature of God, and how He feels about you.)



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